Somatic Intimacy Coaching  

Deepen Intimacy, Pleasure Self-Trust, & Connection

How does Somatic Coaching work? 

Every part of who we are shows up inside the dance of intimacy, in our emotional entanglements, and in our sexual relating.

When any one of us stops running from and distracting ourselves, we at last get the chance to slow down and sit with ourselves with compassion and presence. When sitting, all manner of feelings and experiences can arrive.

It is good here then, to have a friend and guide who can sit with you as you meet yourself with skill and kindness. Who can remind you of the goodness that you are, even when things look dark. Who can help you untangle and gently re-pattern your body’s natural erotic flow.

This where where I come in.

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We Meet Online 

Wherever you are located, if you have an internet connection and a strong intention to do this work, we can make it possible.

Sessions are conducted using Zoom.

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